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A genius way to use your wacom tablet so it's more natural

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A genius way to use your wacom tablet so it's more natural

Post by LeahG on Mon 8 Mar - 21:53

A chap on a business forum told me this very simple solution for using a wacaom graphics tablet to get rid of the old:

hand doing one thing while eyes on screen problem

Quite simply, find a way of propping up the graphics tablet next to the pc screen so you are pretty much looking where your hand is moving giving a more natural drawing experience.

I have used my cookery book stand for this purpose and it is ideal. Not only is the tablet out of the way of my keyboard and mouse but it close enough to the screen to hopefully make a massive difference to my digital drawing which so far haven't been too clever!

Give it a try!

(I knew that cook book stand would come in useful one day!)

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