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Wacom Intuos4 PTK-640 Medium A5 Graphics Tablet From Wacom product reviews and specs

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Wacom Intuos4 PTK-640 Medium A5 Graphics Tablet From Wacom product reviews and specs

Post by LeahG on Mon 14 Nov - 15:21

Wacom Intuos4 PTK-640 Medium A5 Graphics Tablet From Wacom

Amazon Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

44 of 48 people found the following review helpful.
Worth the premium price, assuming you know what to do with it

By Arctic Nomad

Sleek, stylish, very smooth and easy to use. Premium digital
graphics tablet with a premium price, but well worth it, assuming you
know what you're doing with.

Now, if you just want to use a tablet as a mouse replacement, you
might want to consider buying some of wacoms cheaper models, like the
Bamboo MTE450KEN, which costs about the sixth of the price of this. Now
I've never used that one and can't tell you if it's good or not, but
just something to keep in mind. If you're just using tablet as a mouse
replacement, the 2048 different pressure levels this thing can measure,
won't do you much good. But if you are looking for something a bit more
serious, well then this might just be the thing for you.

I do have to admit, I quite like using my computer with this. It is
very intuitive to use a pen to control the computer; I don't much use my
mouse anymore these days. The tablet is more accurate, more natural,
and I'll probably also avoid wrist injuries. It has a few tricks up its
sleeve also (besides the customizable touch wheel and menus). The pen
can also do what they call 'pen flicks', where you do a quick move on
the pen to emulate a page up, or back or forward actions for example.
These work really well when browsing for example.

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