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How to become a Cartoonist?

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How to become a Cartoonist?

Post by darja on Sat 30 Nov - 3:47

How to become a Cartoonist? Surprised Well, drawing a cartoon is easy and fun since you get to really draw without many limits compared to realistic and other types of drawings.
First of all, you have to know what you want to draw whether it be chibis or comic characters, etc.
When i first started i searched up the character i wanted on the internet, found a good picture, 
and printed it out.If you've never really drawn before, i suggest tracing off of that picture, 
its not cheating, its a tool to help you get used to drawing comics. When you get better 
you wont need to trace anymore. Lightly trace the picture with pencil and then outline with 
some form of black marker, and colour it in. You can keep it in pencil or colour it, either way works.
If you want to publish your drawing on the internet or e-mail it to a client, you need to get it in a digital form. The simplest way is to just scan it. With the scanner you buy you also get some kind of scanner software. I use Photoshop to improve my drawings. But comparing to the times I started to draw cartoons I am really happy to have a digital tool to correct my mistakes. You see, even pros do mistakes! And Photoshop is not the only tool in the digital world, there are other less expensive alternatives.
I explore the world of cartooning, including the different types of cartoons and the tools I need to draw them. I found a tips on how cartoonists come up with their ideas, and It help me find humor in everyday life. After you know where to look, you’ll have more ideas than you’ll ever be able to use.sunny 
how to draw cartoons


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