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How to create a Blog - four easy steps to blog creation

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How to create a Blog - four easy steps to blog creation

Post by LeahG on Sun 7 Feb - 11:07

Four Steps to Create a Blog by Liz Canham
Liz Canham

Designing and installing blogs is easy if you follow the four steps to create a blog below.The net is so huge already but it still has room for more blogs, more websites and more advertisers, so if you want to share your pastimes and make a bit of money promoting affiliate products, then blogging is for you.

When you have created your blog, you can post articles and messages, videos and photographs and contact friends as well as displaying advertisements to earn some money.

However, I'm running ahead here because first you need to follow these four steps to create a blog.

Step one:
Find a blog hosting account
If you don't already have your own web hosting service, then you need to find a place to publish your blog so that it will be accessible to web surfers.

There are plenty of blogging companies out there which offer unpaid services but these will have slightly limited features compared with a paid service. Even So, if you don't need anything too elaborate, a free service will be sufficient; just type "free blogging services" and "free blogging software" into Google search, for a list.

Step two: Personalise your blog
Many of the blog software packages have free features which enable you to personalise your blog and really make it your own as well as adding functionality.

Change the template. Find a template which you like and which fits with your subject. Generally, a template will give you a choice of arrangement and colour scheme. If you are familiar with html, then you will be able to change the code of these yourself. There are plenty of places which offer free templates on the internet; for example:

BlogSkins - Templates from BlogSkins are useable with blogging services such as Blogger and MovableType software.

Blog Fashions allow you to copy or alter their featured templates but they are only useable with Movable Type software. Blogmaker offers a huge number of templates to choose from as well as tools which will make blogging easy.

Use tagboards. Tagboards, like templates use html code but tagboards allow instant comments and messages. Again, do a Google search for "tagboards".

Add games or animations to make your blog a fun place to be. These will give your blog a sense of dynamism and liveliness and they can be found by searching for "animations".

Step Three: Add your own bits and pieces
There are lots of extra bits and pieces that you can add such as a Blogroll (list of links), Tweet My Blog, other social bookmarking services, Amazon and AdSense, to name but a few.

Step Four: Add content
You can add other people's content if you want, particularly if you use Firepow blogging software which incorporates a neat tool to collect relevant content. However, your own unique content is likely to attract more visitors.

If you follow these four steps to create a blog, your own will be published in no time.

For information on the best RSS feed for fresh content

Originally published on
for Liz Canham Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Article Source: Four Steps to Create a Blog

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