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Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen product review

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Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen product review

Post by LeahG on Tue 1 Jun - 18:56

I bought this Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet & Pen to help me draw cartoons via the computer. It's a very simple, yet effective piece of kit. Cost around £50 from Amazon.

wacom bamboo graphics tablet

CLICK HERE for details.

Note: There are 71 reviews of this product on Amazon, here are some extracts:

I bought this because I wanted a graphics tablet (having never had one before) but I didn't want to spend too much. I expected it to be okay, I didn't expect it to be fantastic because it's cheaper than a lot of other graphics tablets. I was shocked - it is absolutely fantastic - couldn't be better in my opinion. I don't have much to compare against because I've never had one before, but I can't imagine it being any better, it works perfectly and is very accurate. The only thing that I can think of as to why you shouldn't buy this one is the size - you can buy tablets with bigger surface sizes - but to be honest, for me (and most people I expect) the size is plenty big enough. "


"This was bought as a Christmas present for my 12 year old who loves drawing painting and art in general. I choose this (the cheapest) product as Amazon offer free postage and the price was similar to a computer game. I thought that if it was not up to the task it could be put onto Ebay and replaced with a more advanced product.

My concerns were that with only an A6 drawing area it would be far to small for any real use and that the drawing pad would cause a conflict with the mouse.

Both of these have proven unfounded, while postcard sized sounds tiny, if you've ever done any drawing using a mouse, you're moving the mouse around over a very limited area most of the time - This little pad is fine for detailed work."


"Firstly, I'm a full time graphic designer. I work on a mac and I use various pro design tools. I'd had a go on a friends wacom tablet before but the huge price tag put me off. When a friend tipped me off about the new Bamboo, I couldn't resist at a price like that. It's made by Wacom so the quality is all there. I thought about getting the Bamboo fun, but unlike the US version the UK version doesn't come with a mouse so it's not quite as good a buy. But it's still great value even without a mouse. If you want the extra button on the top of the pen (eraser) then go for the fun version - but it will cost you double the bamboo one. I figured I didn't need the extra buttons (i don't) so i went for the cheaper bamboo one.

As far as the bamboo one goes, the feel is amazing. Even the packaging is cool. The wacom website plays down the bamboo one as though it were a kids toy but it's certainly not. The preferences section gives you loads of options, and is particularly good for setting the buttons to different actions. You'll want to change one of the buttons to undo - you'll be using this a lot if you're sketching. "

You can read more reviews here.

LeahG Forum Admin - my website

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Re: Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen product review

Post by DaD O Matic on Fri 23 Jul - 2:32

Hi, I just pick up a wacom pen,tablet,and touch with photoshop7 bundle.I like the product,my problem is how do you open it to use it? I have installed all software correctly's on a pc using windows vista. any advice?
DaD O Matic

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Re: Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen product review

Post by Simon Lake on Fri 23 Jul - 10:26

I had the same problem with a nisis tablet I bought ages ago. Never could get it to work. It doesn't help all the instructions are in Japanese. Could be a case of PICNIC. (Problem In Chair Not In Computer)

Simon Lake

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Re: Bamboo Wacom Tablet and pen product review

Post by Sponsored content

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